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Founder: Julie Hogan
May 9, 1946 to August 27, 2016
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                     10035 Dean Drive, Manassas, Virginia 20110
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Owner: Jess Rockx

Jessica’s first kennel experience came in 1992, when she worked at Lake Jackson Kennels during high school.  After starting a family, she returned to the kennel and has worked full time since 1995.

Jessica has experience with every aspect of the business and in 2003, became a partner in Waggin’ Tails Junction.  She assisted Julie in the design, transition, and move from Lake Jackson Kennels to Waggin’ Tails Junction in 2004.

Jessica attends canine educational and behavior seminars and participates daily in working with animals in the kennel and with dogs in daycare.  She has owned many different sizes and breeds of dogs and has taken them to Obedience and Agility classes.

In her free time Jessica likes to bike outdoors, visit with family, and attend training with her very special Search and Rescue K9 friends!

Daycare: Angie King   CNWI, CTDI, CCFC

With over 30 years of experience in training and competing with her dogs, Angie
has found a unique way of connecting with dogs.  She has trained her dogs in
Conformation, Obedience, Herding, Agility, and K9 NoseWork.  She has
competed in the AKC Agility National Championship and Internationally in
Agility. She has achieved over 100 performance titles on her dogs.  Angie has
taught group Agility classes, Obedience and specializes in teaching Scent
Work Classes, as the owner of K9 Bondz.  She is a licensed Scent Work
Judge under the AKC and is also a Certified NoseWork Instructor(CNWI) with
the National Association of Canine Scent Work.

She is licensed to judge various events under the AKC (i.e. Temperament Test, Canine Good Citizen, Coursing Ability, Agility Course Test).  She is a certified Trick Dog Instructor and Evaluator, Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach and holds multiple diplomas in Canine Nutrition, Canine Behavior/Welfare and is an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

Angie has managed our Daycare Program since her start here in 2006. Angie’s expansive training knowledge and experiences give her a variety of methods to help owners and dogs. Angie enjoys continuing her education in Canine Cognition, Behavior Modification and Conditioning by attending seminars in person and virtually.  In her spare time Angie loves to compete with her Belgian Malinios and her Boston Terrier in various Canine Sports


Janet started working for Lake Jackson Kennels in 1978, while in high school.  Continuing to work part time at the kennel, she earned her BS in Biology and a MA in New Professional Studies-Education from George Mason University. 

Upon graduation, Fairfax County hired her to teach the first Animal Science Class in 1984.  She is now retired from Fairfax County, but in the classroom she taught how to care for reptiles, small companion animals, dogs, and cats.  She started training her first dog, a German Shepherd, in 1980. 

Janet currently works part-time at the kennel, attends seminars and training classes throughout the week with her Springers in Obedience and Agility. Over the years, she has owned many English Springer Spaniels, a Shetland Sheepdog and many cats.  As a valuable and long time member of Mattaponi Kennel Club, Janet teaches Agility classes that the club offers through the week.  Janet’s exceptional years of animal experience and dog training allows her to help clients and educate them and their dogs. When she's not working part time at the kennel she is competing in Agility and Obedience Trials.

Angie King
Julie Hogan
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Brenna started working at Waggin’ Tails Junction in the spring of 2005. She worked here while she finished high school and college. She attended the University of Mary Washington, where she received her BS in Psychology.

Following graduation in 2010, she attended National K-9 Dog Training School. The school was a six week intensive dog training course, where she became a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT). The training at the school focused on obedience, tracking, scent detection, retrieval, and service dog.  She has attended educational seminars; and is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professional (IACP).

After returning from Training School she worked full time, then part time and now as a trainer.  Brenna enjoys attending in person and virtual continuing education seminars to expand her training knowledge and experience.  As a trainer, she has never-ending passion to help owners and dogs find balance in their home.

She resides in Stafford County, with her husband, children, two English Springer Spaniels and her Dachshund.

Daycare: Kayla

Kayla has been with Waggin’ Tails Junction in Daycare since 2010.

Kayla showed her first dog, a Siberian Husky when she was seven years old in
Conformation and Agility.  Kayla has been attending Agility and Obedience
classes since before she was seven and has been teaching Agility classes
since 2011 in Leesburg and Prince William County.  Kayla has competed in the
AKC Agility National Championship, the AKC Agility Invitational’s, the
Cynosports World Games, and the Westminster Kennel Club Agility Trial.

In addition to her positive training methods and patience, Kayla also enjoys attending seminars for training and animal behavior to consistently further her education.

Kayla lives with her two Border Collies and a Staffordshire Bull terrier.  She enjoys hiking with her dogs and competing in Agility and AKC FAST CAT in her free time.


Nicole started working at Waggin’ Tails Junction in May of 2016 between semesters and during holidays while attaining her degree in Organismal Biology from Christopher Newport University.

During her semesters at college, she volunteered at the Peninsula SPCA caring for dogs, cats, and exotic animals. She also volunteered at the Virginia Living Museum caring for and educating the public about amphibians and reptiles. Nicole’s favorite courses in college were Mammology, Comparative Anatomy, Animal Behavior, and Marine Biology. 

After graduating from college in December of 2018, Nicole returned to work full time as a Manager at Waggin' Tails Junction. She currently lives in Old Town Manassas with her husband along with their adopted dog and cats. In her free time, Nicole enjoys watching movies, going on hikes, and spending time with her family and friends.