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Experience through the years has taught us that just like people, different pets have different needs. Your pet will have many choices in accommodations here at Waggin' Tails Junction. Your pet's age, activity level, overall health, and personality will help select the best place for its visit.

There are several options for our canine passengers including the upper and lower Coach Class with double-decker runs, First Class Luxury Suites, 6'x8' rooms, "Engine-Engine Number Nine" for visitors 9 lbs and under or 9 yrs or older who have special needs.

The Kitty Kaboose offers our feline passengers a private Condo Lounge Car and a play area for stretching, napping, or just watching the dogs play through the window. Your cat will enjoy the purr-fect pampering it deserves.

Our climate-controlled building assures your pet will never be too hot or too cold in the building. Your dog will get plenty of fresh air and sunshine during its three daily exercise periods on the observation deck. The spacious area is surrounded on three sides with sliding glass doors and windows with screens that are opened wide on pretty days.  Even on inclement days, the skylights provide a cheerful environment for enjoying visits with fellow passengers.

The dogs are supervised while on the porch by a porter who rotates them from the porch to one of our outside yards while they are waiting for their inside kennels to be cleaned. It assures each dog gets individual attention while also affording mental and physical exercise.

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Waggin' Tails Junction - Dog & Cat Boarding, Daycare & Training in Manassas, VA

THE Tailway Express to Waggin' Tails Junction, at the Dean Drive Depot. Come into the Station House waiting room and the Station Master will help you select your TICKET.

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Waggin' Tails Junction - Dog & Cat Boarding, Daycare & Training in Manassas, VA (formerly Lake Jackson Kennels)
Waggin' Tails Junction - Dog & Cat Boarding, Daycare & Training in Manassas, VA (formerly Lake Jackson Kennels)
You can download and complete our admission forms and save time during check-in:

New Client Form

Boarding Check-in Form

These forms are in Adobe PDF file format and you must have the free Adobe Reader program installed on your computer in order to open the files.

If you need to install the free Adobe Reader program on your computer, it can be downloaded by clicking here
Downloadable Forms
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The Pets-On-Track selections provide extra amenities for your pet that are offered in the early afternoon.

Our Chew-Chew Café strives to cater to the individual needs of the passengers. Primarily we feed two times a day.  We stock Regal Lamb Bites, Regal Adult Bites, and Regal Lean Bites and a variety of canned selections.

You may bring your own food for your dog, but please bring only enough for the number of days the dog will be kenneled. No special containers please.  We have food containers that stack and when there are 80 dogs to feed, we can organize the feeding so that it is neat, clean and accessible.

We charge only for medications that are not administered with a meal, like ear or eye drops. Please label all medications with your pet's name, brand and instructions.

Our travelers enjoy their own bed during the trip. Coach Class has raised platforms or cots with bedding, "Mutt Mats" a popular choice. Elderly dogs have thick bedding with the special senior insulated mat and rubber floor mats and towels. Suite dogs have a couple choices of cots with plush bedding, bean bag beds, floor towels. Due to the large volume of laundry as we clean the dog's rooms three time a day; please do not bring bedding from home. Old toys, chewies, biscuits, treats are welcomed and will be distributed to your pet.

Coach Run 6'X9'
Jessie, Shadow, Tucker

Observation Porch 72' X 30'
Echo, Jessie, Callie, Peaches

Suite 6' X 8'


1) What vaccinations are required?

A: Rabies, Distemper (DHPP for dogs and FVRCP for cats),  Bordetella and Canine Influenza (for dogs only), are required to be current for boarding, daycare, or training classes.  We look at the due dates that your veterinarian provides.  Please see the home page for our vaccination protocol.

2) Can I bring toys, bedding, or treats for my pet?

A: Please limit the number of toys/bones to 2.  Treats and rawhides are fine.  We have plenty of bedding here that we wash daily, so you don't need to bring any from home.

3) When is "check in" and "check out" time and how am I charged?

A: You may check in anytime during our office hours.  Check out time is 11:00 AM.  You are charged the first day no matter what time you drop off.  If you pick up before 11:00 AM, you are not charged for that day.

4) Do any of the staff stay at the kennel overnight?

A: No, but we have a motion sensitive security system that monitors the building overnight.

5) Can I bring my dog's food?

A: Yes, we encourage you to bring your food from home but we do keep food on hand. In this stressful environment, dogs can be sensitive to food changes.  Please bring enough food for the stay, plus one extra meal for an emergency extended stay.  Please let us know if your dog has any allergies or a sensitive stomach.

We carry:

DOGS - Regal Lamb Bites, Regal Adult Bites, Regal Lean Bites and a variety of canned selections.

- CATS- Kirkland Indoor Cat Food

6) Do you charge to give medications?

A: We do not charge for pills in their food, but we do add a $6 fee per day for ear medications, eye medications, injections or to administer fluids. 

7) Are there breed restrictions?

A: No, we accept all breeds of dogs and cats.

8) Does my dog exercise with other dogs?

A: No, each pet gets their own, personal exercise time.

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Suite 6' X 8'

Suite 6' X 8'